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Settlers Caravan

Sue Chen


In the last few years UNHCR has recognised and now offers protection to “Internally Displaced

Persons”. This is defined as being people who have not crossed a border to find safety but are still

displaced from their home. However, protection is limited and certainly not perfect in addition to the fact that there are not enough resources to go around. (UNHCR, 2020)

PROPOSAL: Migration with Dignity

Being able to provide a roof over the heads of your family in difficult times, as well as ensure their

safety and survival is an essential part of keeping one’s dignity. 


Staying connected to your community and your culture is equally important for anyone and is especially true for migrant families that have had

to uproot quickly when circumstances demand

such action. 

The question posed here tends to be about providing an element of control for those impacted by uncontrollable events. What if you could bring your home and community with you when you migrate?

OUTCOME: The Pioneer

There are many examples of early pioneers, people who moved around as a family to seek new opportunities that may exist elsewhere. The pioneers of the wild west in America and Romany Gypsies.

The preliminary design concept incorporated the thinking behind these past lifestyles but reinvented the concept for the 21st Century utilising modern products and technology. The outcome was a self-sustaining roving home, featuring electric bicycles eliminating the need to rely upon expensive vehicles and fuel.

The project involves Solar panel roofing to create your own electricity, a fully functioning tiny home includes a small bathroom and kitchenette as well as a dual purpose sleeping /living area and a secure family environment for safety & privacy.

Settlers Caravan caters to:

  1. Displace people, refugees and other migrants who require a temporary or emergency home

  2. People who cannot afford to purchase a traditional house

  3. People who want to live sustainably,
    or 'off the grid'

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