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Research and Innovation

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

My recent development of the "Research and Innovation" subject forms an important part of the Master of Design and Master of Digital Transformation & Creative Intelligence for Torrens University Australia.

This totally revised subject provides students with the necessary toolset to develop and consolidate their understanding of design research practices in order to thoroughly analyse and synthesise complex research material.

Students explore theories, principles, methodologies and processes that make design research a unique and effective form of human inquiry. This process of in-depth design research not only allows students to begin to identify an issue or problem, but in learning how to unravel often complex information, students also begin to understand the true nature of an issue or problem they want to address. Finally, students learn how this in-depth understanding in turn provides the foundation for innovation and effective creative problem solving.

Within this subject I have incorporated short videos by a number of high profile design thinkers and others on this subject with the first being Don Norman and the use of the term UX or User Experience.


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