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Delivering Customer Loyalty

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

For any retailer grabbing your customers attention and retaining them is the key to successful retail business, below are the three critical ways in which to do this:

Talk to your customer

Graphic design is a very powerful medium if used correctly and allows you to use all your visual merchandising to have a conversation with your customer, to invoke an experience, stimulate emotions and create positive memories.

Creative design development of a brand personality will build a sensory experience by immersing your customer in your brand and in that way developing a relationship. Graphic Design provides new and compelling ways for your customer to interact with your brand. Graphic design creates strong branding and an opportunity to showcase your product/service and identity to reflect brand personality. Graphic design can ensure your product is seen from a distance or distinguish it from the clutter of your competitors. Using graphic design for informed merchandising and display provides shoppers with the illusion of personal service and product advice.

Be brave, be different

In this volatile retail market you need to use graphic design to create something new and unexpected, to set you apart from your competitors, a product/service sensation. Graphic design coupled with creative use of authentic props, dramatic colourful display and presentation can provide an authentic experience to rival your competitors, convey a different visual atmosphere that both excites and endures, that engages & entertains.

Co-ordinate the brand message It is important to consider all aspects of your retail business as well as opportunities for customer touch points and interaction with your brand. This requires the use of a consistent graphic language across all elements including texture, colour, pattern, illustrative graphics and not simply application of a logo here and there.

You also need to consider: • External and Internal Signage & Way-finding • Information/Instructional Signage at the Point of Purchase • Display, Merchandising & Ticketing • Promotional Offers & Loyalty Cards • Product & Packaging, Eco-friendly Packaging • Staff Uniforms • Custom artwork • Website


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