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Expanding Sales


Dynamoto had made a good start in launching their radically new motorcycle stand product but sales had stalled since their ‘kickstarter’ exercise in 2015. It was critical that Dynamoto radically expand sales of their cleverly designed and uniquely engineered motorcycle stand product range. This in turn would generate improved income levels for future product manufacturing and production re-investment. This particular focus on how to develop the Dynamoto brand formed the basis for a preliminary design thinking workshop to determine the design & brand strategy necessary to expand their sales.



The design thinking and branding workshop progressively identified the critical issues that would create real consumer need. Firstly, our workshop process determined the Dynamoto motorcycle stand set as a product that clearly met the needs of the twenty-first century city dweller where space is limited or at a premium. In this regard, demographics was not seen as crucial beyond a motorcycle owner living in a typical property with a 2-car garage through to a small townhouse or complex unit with a single or no-car garage.


The second issue addressed within the workshop was how to best access this target consumer. In this regard both Ducati and BMW were identified as the key motorcycle brands to focus upon to achieve the desired outcome.


Lack of space and limited vehicle access were clearly significant areas of real need which we intially identified through the design thinking workshop process for Dynamoto motorcycle stands. However, personal health and safety or personal “physical protection” was an interesting by-product of this particular workshop exercise. Here we considered the physical relationship between age and strength and even gender as well as ease of mobility in relation to limited motorcycle access.

Protection was further identified on two different levels; firstly protection of other people especially children and secondly protection of the motorcycle as an investment. To ‘need’ a set of Dynamoto motorcycle stands the focus meant the real need

of this brand revolved – not around the use of

space – but safe and secure movement within any limited space. The ease of mobility and the relative safety which could be interpreted as a form of insurance was distilled down to meet contemporary Urban Need.

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