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Design Research & University


Finding Direction Through Research


Through Design Research and collaboration with Torrens University Australia, we are constantly developing design thinking techniques to successfully deal with the ever increasing range of social problems and the need for positive social enterprise.  Each social issue we research is different, with its own unique problems and challenges – and this requires an individual design research approach.


Design Research can assist decision makers challenge long held beliefs providing insight into the way others understand or perceive a particular social issue and real need. Identifying ‘real need’ may appear to be relatively a simple task, however it is often hidden within a complex mix of issues that are unravelled through design research and objective guidance. This not only allows us to identify the real need of those impacted by social issues, but more importantly provides a deeper understanding of what they ‘desire, want and need’. This in turn identifies opportunities for innovation and change, which can only occur when we begin to break down our assumptions or remove any erroneous preconceptions. We focus on a collective goal or destination for long term positive impact and success.


Challenges any long held yet out-dated beliefs


A deeper understanding of the factors that

originally created the social issue.


A deeper understanding of the actual causes

and what needs to be addressed


Identifies who, what, where, when and how.

Utilising a continuous development of design thinking methodologies design research can build a powerful structure leading to a clear strategy through which effective and informed decisions are made for the future.



Collaboration with Torrens University Australia allows for a much more in-depth design research analysis to ensure the final eradication of any misleading assumptions. More importantly it provides for a defined design strategy, concept and prototype as a sound foundation on which to successfully build and move forward. 

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