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Creative Brisbane

An Immediate Presence


Much has been made of ‘the decline of print’ and the rise of digital advertising.… however, research clearly shows that printed material still commands a higher level of trust amongst consumers. Creative Brisbane was born from the decline of another arts based Brisbane magazine that had run for many years — this presented our client with an opportunity for a very straight forward and simple, yet fresh new creative arts magazine for the promotion of arts and entertainment events.


We worked with Creative Brisbane on the structure of the new magazine with the design and layout kept purposefully simple. The design template allows a range of individual events publicised to be evenly showcased and quick to set out to meet monthly deadlines. At A6 size it is small enough to fit into a handbag or back pocket. The page numbers (16), are restricted to keep the print production minimal and extremely cost-effective with the entire publication fitting to an A2 press. In addition we set up a complete media kit to clearly explain the publication & cost of advertrials to potential contributors.


“Creative Brisbane has now been running for several months and is already a staple advertising medium for arts events in Brisbane. A steady flow of contributors and thoughtful design work completed by Zeroplus has assisted us in rapidly achieving our objectives”.

Jane Gillett, Director — Creative Brisbane

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