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Victoria Jedrisko, Monika Correa


The aim of this project was to design a multi-purpose safe house for communities in severely flood affected areas of South Bangladesh. As a multi-purpose concept the building design has a focus on two main aspects: a school environment and the community environment.

A crucial design point is the proposed adaptability

of the structure. The final foundation concept is designed to be adaptable for the different topographic landforms and contours in South Bangladesh. This reinforces the multi-purpose aspect of the structure concept, as it could be constructed as a ‘safe’ environment for any severely impacted community.


PROPOSAL: A Safe Place

The primary purpose of developing this structure was to provide a safe place for the school children from surrounding villages/communities to live and learn in times of severe flooding.


In addition, and in order to support the community as a whole, this concept proposal is designed as a multi-purpose community centre allowing school children to continue learning in village or community-like environment. The design proposal also tackles the bigger need of providing a safe and secure place that can adapt to the rising floods, but also protects the community from the possible causes of the flooding – such as severe storms, cyclones and heavy rains

OUTCOME: Building Up

The final design concept for the structure was to build up, rather than build out. The structural foundational design is focused on enabling the building to stay erect by allowing water to move freely through it - along the path of least resistance. This is to minimise the water pressure and its impact upon the foundation structure, allowing the upper levels to stay secure. Another vital feature of this design concept is the staircase design and location, where it is placed on the exterior of the structure to provide both connection as well as a form of structural bracing for the upper building. 

This concept proposal allows access to the building at all points. Not unlike access to a lighthouse, safety for the inhabitants is increased in times of need as there is access at any level when the main entrance is under flood water.

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